Words With Friends Classic: The Next Level of Scrabble

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Words with Friends Classic is the original multiplayer Scrabble-inspired concept developed by Newtoy before Zynga’s acquisition. Since its inception in 2009, Words with Friends managed to reel in millions of players into its platform making it one of the most downloaded multiplayer puzzle games during its time. After more than a decade, Words with Friends Classic remains one of the most sought out games by puzzle lovers across the world. Download this iconic game today on your PC and immerse yourself in its brilliant features like the ones below.

Improved Graphics

Words with Friends Classic allows you to experience the original puzzle concept with bonuses. Compared to the latest version, WWF Classic features a straightforward UI that transitions seamlessly between tabs. It also comes with improved graphics making the effects animation as seamless as possible.


Matchmaking is one of the most important features of a multiplayer game. This is because a multiplayer game without an efficient matchmaking system will result in unfair competition. Nevertheless, you need not worry about this element in Words With Friends Classic as it comes with a solid matchmaking system that scours the community for opponents in real-time. The best part is the game perfectly matches you with someone who has the same number of games, experience, and wins.

Achievements and Challenges

Words With Friends Classic also boasts a plethora of achievements just waiting for you to complete. Each achievement rewards players with book pages that will serve as a ticket towards progression. In addition to achievements are the daily rewards and challenges that award players with boosters, coins, and other in-game items. Not to mention that the game also challenges you to a weekly duel that lets you compete against pop culture icons and historical figures.


Words With Friends Classic also features daily, weekly, and seasonal events that you and your friends can partake into. Explore a wide selection of challenges ranging from duels to mini-games in just a click of a button. Expect to encounter various types of challenges once you download Words With Friends Classic on your PC today.

Chat with Friends

One of the main selling points of Words with Friends Classic is the solid social platform that allows the player to communicate with friends seamlessly. Sending an invite to one of your friends is done in just a click of a button. The best part of this feature, however, is the chat option, which is self-explanatory. One special feature of the chat function in this game is that you can restrict or block anyone without hassle.

To that end, if you are looking for a fun and challenging word game for you and your friends, then, Words With Friends classic is a title worth checking out.